Akhenaten: The Icon I Fashion My Lifestyle By

This pharaoh placed spirituality and family over material wealth and individualism. His principles are an icon for my way of life. Akhenaten means “Spirit/Spark of the Sun/Light Disk” in MeDu NTR, Ancient Egyptian language. This illustrious name-title meant that he represented the manifestation of the Life Giving Rays of Sun Light, Shines; which is equivalent to the “Revealers of the Light” in the Moorish Science doctrine. I inherited his name via an ancestral epiphany and am honored to wear it through my life works, words and teachings, unfolding  to be myself, a *Moor, ultimately, as I style it, a Moorish American Resolutionary.

P.S.: *Moor>Light>LOVE>Lord. For those who have MINDS to see, see the synchronicities: The LORD is The Light of the world; The LORD is LOVE; in Moorish American Moslem thought, “Love is the ONLY Saviour of the world” and the “Revealers of the Light” are Purity & Love made manifested in flesh, “Lord of the plane of Soul and of manifest.

Akhenaten family