People of states, MoRe (pun MooR) than people of statements

I aspire to be among the people of states, MoRe (pun MooR) than people of statements. Beyond what I agree with Mohamed Ghilan statements: “This language of love is usually lost upon the ones who go through life treating their relationships as balance sheets with assets and liabilities.” I aim for that state, whereas. in a Divine Union, a husband & wife no longer sees each other as him or her, but One, or as the other alternative expression the Qur’an most frequently uses, “We” to identify with the Unity. To achieve that spiritual intimacy & ecstasy of Divine Union that can be articulated by what Stevie Wonder says in his song “As” where the verse goes “Until the day that you are me and I am you – Now ain’t that loving you!!!” That’s the LOVE of a MooRish Moslem demonstrating MooRish Science (etymologically meaning LOVE Science; being first & primary principle of the five: Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, & Justice), Mursaleen, Sufi, Mutasawwifin, muslims.
Imam Abū Hāmid Al-Ghazzāli statement:
فعلمت يقينا أنهم أرباب الأحوال، لا أصحاب الأقوال
I knew with certainty that they [Sufis] are people of states, not people of statements (More)