Akhenaten S'L'M-Bey

As a young teenager in Philadelphia, PA, Akhenaten S’L’M-Bey heard the message of love and answered the call to minister hope and healing to the people. For nearly forty-years his message has been broadcasted globally through the air waves and in lectures. AKA “The Witch Doctor,” Akhenaten currently serves his community in a thirty-six year tenure at WRFG 89.3 FM/Atlanta. His founding of Amarna Wellness, a Research & Healing Ministry with Wellness Life Coaching, utilizing Bio-Resonance Vibrational Frequency Optimization Techniques, Life-Style, Nutritional & Spiritual Psychology Education provides means to help individuals, families, healers, businesses, organizations, and spiritual centers, connect with the “Self Care Is Self LOVE” concept presented in his book, “I LOVE ME – Self Care Guide For Healing Artist.”

An avid student of ancient healing modalities, religious, esoteric studies and his passion for Ancient Egyptian History and Indigenous American culture has led him to be an Influencer in the Wellness Revolution by facilitating lectures, seminars, retreats, and workshops related to Wholistic Complementary Healing and Medicine; with emphasis on Ancient Future Science. His Healing Ministerial and fiduciary capacities concentrated in The Moorish Science Temple of America, as Divine Minister & Trustee; Grand Sheik and Chairman; affords him the ability to touch the hearts & minds with the truth precept: “LOVE is the ONLY Saviour of the world.”

Akhenaten was inspired to travel to several cities, opening and managing live raw vegan restaurants, while teaching & practicing universal spiritual and esoteric principles, constitutional law, civics, health and wellness. He pioneered “Delights of The Garden” becoming the first Live Raw Vegan Restaurant in Atlanta, GA., in the early nineties, expanding to Georgetown MD, Washington D.C., New York, Berkley, CA and Cleveland, OH, planting seeds for the vegan foodies of today.

Hon. Akhenaten Amen’Ra S’L’M-Bey styles himself as a Moorish American Resolutionary, bringing resolution to our crisis we face today with solutions to our personal and environmental concerns. He synergizes his credentials, training, and skills as a Divine Minister; Wellness Life Coach & Researcher;
Wholistic Health & Nutrition Practitioner; Live Raw Food Connoisseur; Electronic Communication Engineering & Broadcast Technology; Electrical Contractor; Broadcast Air Shifter & Producer; Educator & Speaker; to promote a healthy, safe, sanitizing and pure environment, along with permeating the Ethers with LOVE.

Live, LOVE-Life❣️ MooR LOVE, MoRe Life❣️

Also, Akhenaten has been recognized by Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine as Best Electrician in Atlanta and he is the Founder and President of Advanced Power and Energy, electrical – solar experts specializing in “Green Energy” for the future, today. He offers consultations for ensuring you, your family & loved ones, are safeguarded from electical fire & shock hazards, EMF (Electrical Magnetic Feild) & 5G radiation pollution, and contamants from Viruses, Bacteria, and Mold on Surfaces & in the Air, at home, work & school. SEE THE Advanced Power & Energy page.


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