Exemplary of the form of Islam during the Golden Age of the Moors

Muhammad ‘Abdu was a true believer of a form of Islam that would liberate men from enslavement, provide equal rights for all human beings, abolish the religious scholar’s monopoly on exegesis and abolish racial discrimination and religious compulsion. One of his refreshing standpoints, was his strong advocate of feminist right. He advocated for the education of women and reforms on their behalf. He maintained that men and women are equal in rights and duties; they are also equal in reason, feelings and sense of self. ‘Abdu spoke relentlessly about the nature of Islamic feminism, which he distinguished from the Western-style feminism. The genuine framework based on ‘Islamic model’ which he ideally constructed according to the spirit of the Qur’an and Sunna. ’Abdu advocates thorough reform in legal sphere which affect the right of Muslim women. Read the entire article and get inspired by this link: