Live in Studio Tonight Rachael Alexander Soul Classical Caribbean Music

Join us tonight for a live, conversation with Rachael Alexander, Singer, Songwriter, Composer specializing in Soul, Caribbean, & Classical Music. She creates music that uplifts your soul, inspires your spirit, empowers your life, and unites your humanity. She is versatile and multi-talented in the music and entertainment industry. Join Rachael on her journey towards fusing r&b, world, and classical music together, and towards spreading love and art. Rachael Alexander is the Face of the Modern Artist. An Artist in the fullest sense of the word being a singer-songwriter, producer, actress, writer, fashion designer, and photographer. She is also an entrepreneur. Check out Endigo Rae Entertainment!

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Versandra Kennebrew: Night Watch Expressions Co-Host


Versandra Kennebrew Tree Hug Partnerships in life and business are equally important and my partner Versandra Kennebrew is a dynamic speaker, author, healer and co-host of Night Watch Expressions on WRFG 89.3FM Atlanta. Join us T-Wednesday’s as we bring you progressive information and hand-picked music.