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Our Celestial & National Domestic Movement of North America is to Recover, Resurrect & Implement the Preamble, Republican and Constitutional United States Government, in the Family of Nations, according to the Law of Nations. Esoterically, known as the “Phoenix-Dragon-Pyramid Seal” Government, and “We, the People”/“Lenni Lenape” Privy Government. Mesoterically known as the “Free National Republic of the United States (of America) [Amoorica]” as declared by the American ChaZeH Prophet, THE HOLY PROPHET, Noble Drew Ali, the Founder of the uniting of the Moorish Science Temple of America [not Inc., but the 1928 “Home Rule” civic/religious corporation affidavit, Free Status].
Our Planetary Mission is to make all Humanity Aware that there is One Lord, One Planet, One Race, One People & One Destiny for Us all. THE MESSAGE: “There is ONLY One Race, the Human(e) Race, and I am/We are, a Messenger(s) to and a Servant of THAT Race, and the Oneness of ALL People, on this Planet, is the Will of God, and the DUTY of Man.”
Our Spiritual Goal is the Unity of Man in the Service of God. The Remembrance:“For I AM, You ARE, God IS, One, with We, the People, of US [us, simply put, or United States]” [pun intended]
On a personal level Our purpose is for all Individuals to practice & Master the Essence of the Holy Prophet, Noble Drew Ali’s principles, a.k.a., The Essentials of Fairness, i.e., Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, Tolerance, Forgiveness, Responsibility, Fellowship, Sacrificial-Change, Honor, Courage, & Integrity toward all people, living beings & life forms. These represent OUR sacred number 13, the 13 principal, principles or Keys/Codes for and meaning Resurrection, Restoration, Reparations, Transformation, Transcendence, Presence & Endurance; OUR Icons for 13 are the Phoenix-Thunderbird-Dragon, the Turtle, the Dove (Turtle-Dove), Plumed Serpent, the Pyramid, and Artistically, the Cosmic tone 13 of the Olmeccan-Mayan-Khemitian-Moors are some connections to OUR Birth-Rights, Heritage, etc.
Noble Kedar Balkhan Talib Bey, “aka” Larry E. Wilson-Bey, Prior Tempore Potior Jure, and Honorable Akhenaten Amen’Ra S’L’M-Bey, “aka” Honorable John Settles-Bey, now, succession President of this Republican form of Government, have been Appointed HaKhdar by Hakh, granted Executive-Emergency powers according to the Constitution of the United States of America & Chosen by the Preamble & Qualified Electors of the United States of America, in the Family of Nations, to initiate the Recovery, Resurrection & Sovereignty of said Government & said Preamble Citizens, inter alia.  
This National and Divine Movement of North America is ordained and maintained byHAKH {[see Blacks Law Dictionaries 4-6], i.e., The True God a.k.a. Hallelujah or Alleluia [GK. #239: see Strong Exhausted Concordance, GK. Dict.] from the Hebrew Dict. terms HaLaL #1984 and Yah #3050/Hallaiyah meaning Allah is Jahh}.

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